I like your idea.

Count me in if Jack Barnes is going to do it again this year.

ONSU needs are:
70 laptops for K-12 environment
25 desktops for 9-12 environment

I have started the conversation with Dell and I know if we are together in it we can get a greater discount.

Please let me know,


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This is a little off topic but I'll throw it out there any way.
In the past we have worked with some districts to pool our buying power by getting group quotes. The amazing thing was that we were all able to quote exactly what each group wanted, from the company we wanted and, in the case of at least 2 major ones, I think, we were able to buy 1 to 1000 at those prices.
Jack Barnes led the charge for us last time.  I'm wondering if we can do this again. Please let me know.
Vince Gonillo

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RNESU is starting to think about next year's laptop purchases (and late-year purchases for this year). We are interested in hearing from other folks - what have you been buying - whether you've been happy with the make/models, whether you've had any problems that might help inform our decisions.. anyone going in a new direction next year?

We appreciate any suggestions/feedback that you provide.

Thanks very much,
Susan Briere
Technical Support, RNESU