I actually like the idea of a name change, mostly because the reagional meetings have been coined pizza meetings also and it gets confusing which is the SB "Tech Bash" (annother suggestion) or the regional meeting. 

I am leaning toward: Tech Bash ~ Pizza, Presntations and Prizes. 

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Is there a problem with continuing calling it the Pizza Conference? (can't find Bjorn's email mentioned by Craig)  I always felt that was a great name because it is non-conventional and yet has so many connotations for programmers and techies (it is THE food of coders, built in layers like an IP stack, fast & functional, and it is shaped like a disc!).  And I am not even going to mention the whole connection to beer... 

I realize it is non-descriptive but are other conference names  (VermontFest, Dynamic Landscapes, "Christa") any better?  When we try to make it descriptive enough (National Education Computer Conference) we end up turning it into an acronym anyway.   

If you can't fix it, feature it - I suggestion we call it 'The Secret Pizza Conference' with the tag line 'Only tell your friends...'   


On Apr 14, 2009, at 7:25 AM, Robin Gouin wrote: 

I like Spring Tech Fling, it sort of has a ring! 


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I like the Spring idea but maybe Spring Tech Fling.  Not sure if the three P's thing really works. 

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So what do you think of Bhorn's suggestion for a name for the May 22 Tech 
conference at S. Burl? 

Calling a Pizza meeting to continue planning for the conference.  Join us 
Thursday 4/16 at 4:00 PM at Zachary's Pizza on Williston Rd S. Burlington. 

We are getting close to finalizing the schedule.  As always ideas and 
suggestions welcome. 

Craig Lyndes 


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