My personal feeling is that although it is now "test" time for the  
patient, society/technology has moved in a rapid direction. With that  
said, I am willing to tolerate the patient on the cell phone as long  
as it doesn't interfere with the exam. A carotid exam is definately  
out of the question. Any lower extremity exam I don't mind if they  
talk. I do tell the patient however that it is normally during the  
exam I explain to them the process, pathology, anatomy etc. And if  
they are on the phone that will be impossible.
One thing I find hard to tolerate is a patient wanting to finish a  
call before we start the exam. A couple of minutes I can understand  
but longer than that is obviously not an emergent call.  Overall, I  
have become more tolerant having an 8 and 6 year old. Mommy has to  
call daddy sometimes with emergent calls I have to take during an exam  
amdvi have never had a patient complain about that.  I usually explain  
to them the vague nature of the call which normally leads to  
interesting and empathetic conversations about their children and  
grandchildren etc

Gotta run ...... Phone ringing ;)

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