When a cellular phone receives an SMS packet or is receiving an incoming
call, it will frequently cause VERY loud "beep bu-deep beep beep" sounds in
almost all types of speakers. This interference is usually not visible in
waveforms, in my experience, but I wouldn't even allow a cell phone in an
exam room. At all! Period!

I bet most of us have experienced this at least a few times.

At the very least, make sure the patient puts it in airline mode.


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> I am soliciting opinions here.
> My 2nd patient this morning asked if it was OK to take a phone call
> during her carotid exam.  I asked if the call she was expecting was a
> matter of life or death. She stated that it was not, but an important
> call about a business venture.  I told her I understood the significance
> of her call, but that my answer was no, then told her why.
> But it got me to thinking; how are the rest of you in the vascular
> community dealing with issues like this?  The woman asked pleasantly and
> was told pleasantly that no, it was not possible to talk on the phone
> and get an accurate carotid exam simultaneously.  Doesn't common
> etiquette dictate that since she was there for an exam that, by
> definition, she gives up a little of her time for me to do my job?
> Would you ask a CT or MRI tech the same question?  How about the dental
> hygienist or even the dentist, the surgeon, the PA or the nurse?  My
> biggest problem with her asking the question is that the incessant use
> of cell phones has become so pervasive that people now ask you if it is
> OK to be rude, right to your face.
> You can now buy large, colorful posters to place in waiting rooms with
> long and boring explanations, with cell phones in red circles with lines
> drawn through, with pictograms showing electrical shocks and even in
> different various  languages...VERBOTTEN, PROHIBE, INTERDIT,
> It is an interesting issue with many facets.  I'm sure opinions on the
> matter range from the sublime to the militant.  Fire away!
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