The ICA/CCA systolic ratios negate the effects of localized changes in the carotid vessels due to collateralization  and/or severe contra lateral disease.
The ICA/CCA systolic ratio has been used in our lab for over 10 years with good correlation results.

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There is a literature discussing this, but we have never been convinced that there is a clear adjustment for the threshold when the contralateral ICA is occluded (sensitivity and specificity not great for any proposed threshold that we have seen) so I try to incorporate a comment in my reading that just says something like  "This may be an overestimate of stenosis due to compensatory flow related to contralateral internal carotid artery occlusion."

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>ICAVL requesting the criteria for carotid doppler study where one ICA is
occluded and contralateral ICA stenosis could be overestimated because of
compensatory effect. How much overestemated. I need criteria.
>Please help.
>Thank you 
>Marina Dvorkin
>vascular tech

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