I havenít had a chance to get around to this update until now, but hereís a Stowe report from Thursday.  I had some time in the afternoon, so I picked up Ty after school and we headed over to Mt. Mansfield for some turns.  We didnít think weíd have time to catch the lifts, so the plan was to skin up Gondolier and see what it had to offer for snow.  There had been fresh snow on Wednesday from the tail end of a storm and Iíd found nice light powder up at Bolton Valley on Thursday morning, but with warm temperatures during the day, I was worried that Thursday afternoon was going to produce mush.  Fortunately, the lower elevations of Mansfield were fully over to corn by the time weíd arrived.  It sounded like the higher elevations did have some sticky snow as the powder warmed up, but I suspect the more minimal accumulations in the lower elevations had simply melted in the sun, revealing the corn underneath.  It was nice to see that coverage on Gondolier was excellent right down to the base elevations.


Ty seemed pretty tired from a long day at school, but looking up Gondolier he suggested that we try for a spot up near one of the race shacks.  I suspected that would be about 500í of vertical.  While heading up we saw a few other folks coming down in the area, either those that had still been up on the mountain from lift service or had hiked up earlier themselves.  The sun sets early in the eastern shadow of Mt. Mansfield, and I could see that we were going to be racing the direct sunlight to reach our chosen stopping point.  The sun had been below Mansfieldís ridge line for a few minutes by the time Ty joined me up near the race shack.  Ty definitely needed a rest, but we didnít waste too much time since the snow was probably going to be setting up now that it was out of the direct sun.


On the descent we found that even after just 10 minutes or so out of the sun, the corn snow was already starting to set up, but fortunately it was still decent skiing.  There had been a lot of traffic on the trail from previous skiers, but we were able to find some untracked corn along the skierís left of the trail.  Ty couldnít really manage Telemark turns in the areas that had seen traffic, so he simply skied those alpine and then worked on Telemark turns when we got to areas where the corn snow was fresh.  We werenít out on the slopes over Easter weekend, but the temperatures seemed reasonably cool and there was even a touch of new snow, so hopefully there wasnít too much snow loss.  The forecast this week looks to feature a lot of sun with excellent temperatures for corn cycling, so hopefully that will set up some good snow for the coming weekend.  A couple of shots from Thursday afternoon are attached below:





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