On Sunday I headed to Stowe for some turns with the boys, and since we had some vouchers to burn off, my mom, my friend Weston, and his daughter Madeline also joined us.  We hit the hill around 9:30 A.M. and the snow was already corn except for places in the higher elevations that were still in the shade.  The forecast had come through as expected, so skies were clear and temperatures were in the 40s and 50s F.  There didn’t even seem to be any wind atop the quad, so it was an excellent day for the kids in that regard.  On the snow front however, the two younger skiers (Dylan and Madeline) seemed to get worn out more easily by the soft snow.  With such long runs down from the quad, we called it a day for them after two circuits.  We focused on Toll Road and the surrounding blue trails, and coverage was excellent.  It was definitely a long route for Dylan, and he was ready to be done after the first run, so we all took a long snack break at the Octagon up top.  As seems typical for this time of year at Stowe with reduced terrain options, the main intermediate routes felt very crowded, but fortunately Toll Road was essentially vacant and worked well for the kids.  It was amazing to see that the Mt. Mansfield parking lot essentially filled up toward the afternoon, so there was clearly no deficiency of people looking to ski.  The fact that it was a canned food day probably played into the number of skiers as well.  I think we even managed to see part of the SkiVT-L party crew somewhere in the Ridge View/Sunrise area.  After our second run we had lunch at the Mansfield Base Lodge, then packed up the skis and went across to the new Spruce Peak base area since Weston and my mom had yet to see it.  The base lodge appeared to be closed, but the Stowe Mountain Lodge was open and we took a quick tour through there.  Since the day had ended early we stopped in at Ben and Jerry’s on the way home and had a round of ice cream.  It sounds like the mountains will experience a return to winter tonight and tomorrow, with potentially another round of spring powder.  The snow levels look to be rather high though, so we’ll have to see how it plays out.


I’ve just got one image from Sunday, the classic shot of the alpine area around the Chin:




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