Is this maybe one of the features causing it to be so very slow? (Anyone
else having this ongoing slowness?)

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                                       Stupid Ovid tips & advertising--    
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I think that we all, if we are going to MLA this year should express our
opinion about the box and whatever we don't like in the "enhanced
OvidSP". I don't think it will help, but why we should accept without
I did it last year, also asking if Ovid is planning to include
advertising in these boxes and the answer from a "top level" woman was
"yes, for all these great enhancements we made in Ovid software, we need
to recover our expenses..." maybe not exactly the words, but this was
the answer.
It looks like the only help we can get will be another Mark Nelson and a
good competition...check Elsevier, they are coming with a new database
combining Medline and EMBASE.


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I was told by somebody in the know that the "search tip box" was the
CEO's baby (Karen Abramsom). So that may be where the whole "it wont be
changed" mantra is coming from. She made an appearance at MLA last year,
if she does this year stop by and let her know your opinion in person.

Chris Bishop, MLS

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Subject: Re: Stupid Ovid tips & advertising-- can you make it go away?

I totally agree with all of the comments on this topic! I too have asked
MANY times, why the "Ovid Tips" box can't be suppressed optionally if
the company feels so strongly about it - and been told NO - and "it
won't be changed." Increasingly it is clear that the "tips" box is
becoming more and more a marketing tool that takes up valuable search
history/results space, rather than a tips box for searching.

I can see why people are deserting Ovid and going to PubMed. It will get
harder and harder to justify Ovid's price if our users opt not to search
with it.

Cynthia Phyillaier, MSLS
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>>> Patricia Scholl <[log in to unmask]> 4/2/2009 10:12 AM >>>
I am not sure whether it is this feature turning people off or not, but
quite often I will spend time teaching Ovid to a student or resident and
will check on them a while later to see if they need help and guess
what??  They are on Pub Med and navigating their search happily!!

Patty Scholl, MLIS
Medical Librarian
St. Joseph Mercy - Oakland
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>>> "Herbert, Teri Lynn" <[log in to unmask]> 4/2/2009 10:06 AM >>>
You should hear the students complain: it drives many of ours to using
PubMed instead.  The company should listen to it's users
and bill payers!  Another amen.   Thanks.
TL Herbert

Teri Lynn Herbert, MS, MLIS
Medical University of South Carolina Library Public Services and
Administration Reference Dept.

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> Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 09:59:48 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Stupid Ovid tips & advertising-- can you make it go away?
> All I can add is AMEN.  I have complained to Ovid MULTIPLE times about
> useless waste of space, and a support tech told me it was one of the
> most-often complained-about things.  Not that they're doing anything
> it, apparently.  I would add the cute little images of the covers of
> journals!  On the Tables of Contents pages, the image forces you to
> down in search of the PDF links (though adding the PDF links to the
> citations display is a big help), and it also makes the issues lists
> way longer just to load because we're waiting for a dozen identical
> thumbnails.  Come ON, Ovid, get with the program with the customers
who pay
> your huge blinkin' bills!!
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 8:53 AM, Vonville, Helena M <
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>> Has anyone figured out how to make the Ovid tips and advertising go
>>  Someone shared code when it first appeared that I was able to put
>> EzProxy.  However, Ovid has found a way to work around it.
>> Now that they have the More>> link under Actions, each box is 2 lines
>>  If the stupid Ovid tips box could go away, maybe, just maybe, it
would all
>> fit on one line.  It's a real problem when trying to create tailored
>> handouts.
>> Ovid-are you listening?  The Ovid tips box is not useful!  The Search

>> History box needs more flexibility.
>> Helena
>> Helena M. VonVille, MLS, MPH
>> Library Director
>> University of Texas School of Public Health Houston, TX
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