Thanks to all who replied with moral support and suggestions.

Consensus is this was an unrealistic and unreasonable request.  Suggestions
included having a serious heart-to-heart with physician; commercial document
delivery service referral (which info suggests would run this patron into
the thousands of dollars); and simply doing what you can and stopping there.

I sent the articles we had inhouse.  I said I could not submit 70+ "urgent"
requests, period.  I offered the following choices: (1) they could order
from a commercial service, giving two contacts and rough estimates of a
$2000+ costs; (2) I could order a small selection of readily-available
titles (and boy, there were some weird ones on this infamous list!) and they
might get another half dozen today, or (3) I could process the list as a
"normal" project with a MaxCost of free, and probably most of the articles
would have been collected by early next week.

They chose Door Number 3, the nurse will collect and transmit the articles
when they are available, and will mediate on setting firm guidelines with
this doc, who seems to have suddenly gotten the picture.

Thanks, people -- you make days like this much less awful.

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