We have a site license and I signed up for email notices and get the
email TOC on Wednesday and often get an email with "Online First"
article notices.

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lagging behind

We had a similar request here just last week, but luckily the article in
NEJM we needed to get was online epub before print.  Maybe NEJM can tell
us why individuals have access to epub before libraries?  Can someone in
MLA forward this to the proper NEJM contact?  You probably know them
better than Joy and I.

Thank you for using the library.
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Subject: Petty rant: online and print to institutional customers lagging

OK, OK, this is nothing new and has been going on for years.  Doctors in
my area (Chicago suburbs) typically get copies of their New England
Journal of Medicine and some other society journals much sooner than the
hospital receives its institutional subscription.  No, its not the
mailroom since we pick up our mail from the post office.  Doctors call
the hospital administrators to chat about some article in the latest
issue of NEJM.  Administrators call me for a copy.  It is Monday
afternoon and my April 9th issue won't come until later in the week and
my institutional site license which I paid big bucks for won't have the
issue online until it's release date.  Meanwhile I'm sitting here with
egg on my face looking like an idiot for paying so much for an
institutional subscription much less a site license.  Does this happen
to you or are docs in my area just lucky to get their copies so soon.
Ok, I've had my rant.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I feel
better now. 
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