This is exactly why I use PubMed and refuse to pay for Ovid.  It's the biggest rip-off on the face of the earth, and THEN, they're aren't content just taking your money, they have to jerk you around besides.
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>>> "Herbert, Teri Lynn" <[log in to unmask]> 04/02/2009 10:06 AM >>>
You should hear the students complain: it drives many of ours to
using PubMed instead.  The company should listen to it's users
and bill payers!  Another amen.   Thanks.
TL Herbert

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> Subject: Re: Stupid Ovid tips & advertising-- can you make it go away?
> All I can add is AMEN.  I have complained to Ovid MULTIPLE times about this
> useless waste of space, and a support tech told me it was one of the
> most-often complained-about things.  Not that they're doing anything about
> it, apparently.  I would add the cute little images of the covers of the
> journals!  On the Tables of Contents pages, the image forces you to scroll
> down in search of the PDF links (though adding the PDF links to the
> citations display is a big help), and it also makes the issues lists  take
> way longer just to load because we're waiting for a dozen identical little
> thumbnails.  Come ON, Ovid, get with the program with the customers who pay
> your huge blinkin' bills!!
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 8:53 AM, Vonville, Helena M <
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>> Has anyone figured out how to make the Ovid tips and advertising go away?
>>  Someone shared code when it first appeared that I was able to put into
>> EzProxy.  However, Ovid has found a way to work around it.
>> Now that they have the More>> link under Actions, each box is 2 lines wide.
>>  If the stupid Ovid tips box could go away, maybe, just maybe, it would all
>> fit on one line.  It's a real problem when trying to create tailored
>> handouts.
>> Ovid-are you listening?  The Ovid tips box is not useful!  The Search
>> History box needs more flexibility.
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