Previously I've always parked at Lowe's since:
-- I've been heading up first to Gray Knob.
-- The parking fee is something like just a couple bucks a night.
-- I think Mr. Lowe is something like a deputy sheriff, so I figure nobody is 
going to mess with cars in his lot.
-- He's the direct descendent of the Charles Lowe who created Lowe's Path, 
so kind of cool to park in his lot!

But this time I might get there early enough to ascend up through King Ravine 
to scout out conditions, and then at the end of my multi-day trip I might ski 
down through King Ravine.

So parking in Appalachia would be the obvious choice, except that I've heard 
about car break-ins. True? I'll have a lot of stuff in my car (and not just ski 
stuff either), so I'm wondering if the extra schlep from Lowe's to the base of 
KR is worth the extra security?
(Oh, and in case you need the details, my car is a [...]-colored [...] [...] with 
license plates [...], and valuables inside the car will include [...], [...], and 

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