That is interesting as he had mentioned that Waterbury could be using the list as well and I understood he was putting on a specific configuration you had requested.

I contacted Adrian and he pointed me to this site as well, but the hardware I was looking for was not on the list.  Is it a requirement that we pick from the list or what? Can I specify the configuration I want? I have been trying to get a quote on specific hardware specs but have had difficulty. Or is he just not paying attention to what I am asking for? So far I have not been impressed with the service or responsiveness, considering the 50ish machines I am interested in purchasing.

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Washington West Supervisory Union
Waterbury, VT
(802) 244-6100

on 5/21/09 4:38 PM, Jeffrey Everett wrote:

We work with a number of schools and Supervisory Unions in the
Northeast Kingdom.
For years we have been working with different vendors trying to
leverage our several small school purchases into big school pricing.

We have made arrangements with Dell to create a Premier page that our
schools can access.
The schools can go to the site, prepare quotes and  then submit POs
directly to Dell for their orders.
We DO NOT get a kick back or compensation from the site, Dell or
anywhere/one else for any sales generated via this process (just to
remove any misconceptions).

The site was created under Orleans Central Supervisory Union. If you
prepare a quote, don't use the pull down to select Darla or myself as
the contact. Just enter who you want the quote sent to-yourself or
your purchasing agent.

If your schools want to be included, we can ask our Dell rep to
include you if you send me an email.
Or you can contact him directly
Adrian Villalba
800-981-3355 ext 7250039
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Jeffrey Everett
Wild Branch Solutions, Inc.

ps. yes this is a site for PC, not Mac computers