Darth- volume is our small schools problem. Each May/June we 
orchestrate a group buy for Macs with Apple and PCs with Dell. Apple 
has the schools put in only a few POs grouped by SU and within a 
small window of time, but Dell has let the schools do their POs 
individually and spread out over a month or longer.

The Dell page is just them letting our schools do it on a more 
ongoing fashion. And certainly every time we call up with a larger 
order than a handful, they have done even better on the pricing.

This is just a first step in trying to get more schools included and 
possibly finally have the volume that would get the NEK schools the 
deals Chittenden schools get on a regular basis.


>We have our own premier page as well, it's a great resource.  But I
>still get better pricing direct from my rep when I talk volume.  After a
>quick look at the pricing... this is actually more expensive than what
>SB will pay for their systems this year from Dell. 
>I've been talking to our rep (Jeff Wells) about this as well and Dell is
>very keen to do more with this. I believe that it will be a topic at the
>Pizza conference tomorrow during the Dell session.
>Sounds like we're making progress :)
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>We work with a number of schools and Supervisory Unions in the
>Northeast Kingdom.
>For years we have been working with different vendors trying to
>leverage our several small school purchases into big school pricing.
>We have made arrangements with Dell to create a Premier page that our
>schools can access.
>The schools can go to the site, prepare quotes and  then submit POs
>directly to Dell for their orders.
>We DO NOT get a kick back or compensation from the site, Dell or
>anywhere/one else for any sales generated via this process (just to
>remove any misconceptions).
>The site was created under Orleans Central Supervisory Union. If you
>prepare a quote, don't use the pull down to select Darla or myself as
>the contact. Just enter who you want the quote sent to-yourself or
>your purchasing agent.
>If your schools want to be included, we can ask our Dell rep to
>include you if you send me an email.
>Or you can contact him directly
>Adrian Villalba
>800-981-3355 ext 7250039
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>Jeffrey Everett
>Wild Branch Solutions, Inc.
>ps. yes this is a site for PC, not Mac computers
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