I would have to agree with Lucie and suggest you look seriously at the short throw wall mounted projectors. It is the ease of use that is important to my classroom teachers. AC is usually already in the wall so you save that expense. Make sure the mounting bracket is secure, or add blocking behind the wall if needed.  - RickM


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This is not a 'brand recommendation'  but more if a "what I might do differently" thought.

I just finished a 3 year process of getting projectors for every classroom for next year. The only way I could accomplish this was to stay within a certain price range around $600.   But now we are getting a lot of request for ceiling mounts and other configuration to make the projectors more useful.  Celings mounts require an electrician to be involved and often times special plenum rated cables which makes this solution costly.  So in retrospect,  I think the extra cost of a short throw projector (especially since some of the cost has gone done to those) worth the expense since in the long run, they would have made the ultimate configuration for ubiquitious use, less costly and the projectors would have been used more.


So this is my long winded way to say - look into short throw projectors.




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Hi All,

I am looking to buy around 6-10 projectors and am wondering if anyone has a recommendation.  These will be used in classrooms, so lighting is a bit of an issue.  We are hoping to get a couple of Smartboards soon, so I'd hope the projectors I buy would be up to snuff for that application.  I usually use Tiger for purchases like this but if someone can recommend a different vendor I'm open to that.  We haven't had our current projectors long enough for me to have a brand preference or determine the life expectancy of the ones we do have; hopefully someone on this list has.





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