SB has used the Ubuntu Netbook Remix for testing... it's wicked cool.
But, we haven't tried to deploy it in anyway, yet.


I assume PXE isn't an option, but I'll state the obvious anyway (it's
what I'm good at)... why not use PXE and/or Netboot and cut the need to
use anything other than a patch cable?  Clonezilla would work nicely for
this as well.   All the Netbooks I've used can PXE boot.




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What are you loading on the netbooks for an OS? I am wondering if anyone
has tried the Ubuntu Netbook Remix: 


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I'm working on our first set of netbooks.  One of the obstacles I needed
to overcome is being able to image the netbooks, without a CD.

I found the following open source utility that takes an ISO cd image
and creates a bootable USB from it.  Works really well with PING (Linux
on the ISO), the program runs on Windows.

Craig Lyndes