Here is the setup at proctor  

    1. Create a default profile on every computer 

        1. Run all programs to get rid of any registration messages 
        2. Remove all mapped drives and Printers 
All lab and public use computers get deepfreeze 

        1. Teachers comptuers don't have deepfreeze. 
In Active Directory I give the user a network home folder mapped to H: drive     4. Using GPO I redirect all My Documents folder to the users home folders on the network. 

        1. You could also remap favorites, but I chose to push creating shortcuts, or using delicious or diigo for saving links. 
For setting printers, running logon apps, creating shared shortcuts, setting other mapped drives, and basically any other profile settings, I use ScriptStart ( ).  They also have a profile utility which I have not bothered to set up yet (works similar to roaming profiles). 
    6. I use delprof on an as-needed basis, usually only when I have to update the default profile on a teacher comptuer. 

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Is it worth looking at poaming profiles ? I have avoided this bec of plms 
loading huge profiles across the network ..and updating after log out.. 

Delprof looks like the answer 

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One of the features of Zenworks (a Novell Product) is that we create student 
profiles on the fly and they are deleted when the student logs out.  This 
works great in the labs and minimizes the number of profiles. 
 There are times when it doesn't work but then we either fun delprof or 
reimage to clear them out. 

Teacher profiles do remain on the computers but in the case of labs, 
teachers don't often log into those computers anyway. 

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There's a microsoft utility, delprof, that deletes entire profiles, which 
would include temp internet files.   There's a command line switch 
allows you to delete only profiles not used in x days.  I have a script set 
up to run whenever the library PCs are shut down, that deletes all profiles 
not used in 30 days.  That way, if a student accidentally leaves an 
important file in the my docs folder, they can go back and get it, for a 
while.  But unused profiles are regularly deleted.  Running it at shutdown 
assures that it will generally only run when no one cares how long it takes 
to run.  It can take quite a while if there are lots of profiles to clean 

Obviously you don't want to take this approach on machines that kids are 
supposed to be saving files on, but I assume this would only be servers. 

Bob Wickberg 
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>Nice website - good resources 
>Now my question : 
>After running deep scans in the library, I saw how long they took 
>of the thousands of files stored locally w/in each user's profile. Is 
>there a utility or perhaps group policy which will force these 
>Internet files to be deleted ? I considered for a few nanoseconds of 
>doing the cleanup myself, but then I thought again ! 
>Bill Clark 
>Austine School 
>School Information Technology Discussion 
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>Hey BJ - 
>My heart goes out to you; hope you're able to get everything cleaned 
>We're running Trend Officescan here as well, and so far (knock on 
wood) I 
>haven't seen it.  Have you had a chance to invoke Trend's "outbreak 
>Keep us posted on your progress, 
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>It seems to proprogate itself any means possible, I am guessing the 
>network in my case.  Probably started from an infected usb key or 
>I have Trend Microsystems which was up to date on most computers, but 
>didn't seem to help much beond reporting.   I also ran the network 
>before March 31 and my network came back clear. 
>I first noticed it when my main domain server was so taxed it stopped 
>doing anything.  This server is also my AV server so I am guessing 
>once it sent out it's latest update, all 200 of the computers 
>to it reported back saying exsessive vireses detected. 
>I had to go old school to get rid of it.   I dissconected all my 
>and have been one by one checking and patching the computers with a 
>disk (using kk.exe and the 3 ms patches).   I created a blog post on 
> ] with links to the utilities 
>have been using. 
>Bjorn Behrendt 
>Proctor School District 
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>Bjorn Behrendt 
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>Can you elaborate a bit on the problems that you are experiencing? 
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>>22 days late but it is hear now. Â Â 
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