It's a long shot, but you might be able to create an installer using InstallRite ( ). 


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Hi All, 
We have 6 or so wireless access points at each building, each with a 
different SSID.  After you "reseal" XP, it forgets the list of approved 
wireless access points that it can connect to, and I have to manually 
reconnect it to an AP before it will automatically reconnect again.  I 
would love, love, love to script this so that I can just run one batch 
file or vbs file and it will 'approve' the list of 6 APs without me having 
to walk within the range of each one and connect to it.  (Not that I do 
that now, but I have to teach almost every laptop user how to connect, 
sometimes repeatedly.  They never read the documentation I give them.) 

We're going to a unified wireless network with only one SSID in the 
future, but for the time being I would be thrilled if I could script it 
and take away one more little headache.   

I've spent a shameful amount of time on Google today trying to solve this, 
but I haven't found anything that will quite do it.  In Vista (I finally 
found something good about it) I just have to use the command: 
netsh wlan connect=WAP-SSID 
but XP doesn't have an equivalent in its version of netsh.  I can use the 
Wireless Network Setup Wizard in XP to create a USB thumb drive that has 
SetupSNK.exe on it, which I can modify the XML file to customize it to a 
WAP.  However... 
a) can only have one WAP per XML file, one XML file per USB key 
b) only works when you "autorun" the USB drive when you insert it, which 
doesn't happen reliably (and probably for good reason) 
c) can't just create separate folders and double-click on the setupsnk on 
each one 
d) setupsnk doesn't appear to have any commandline options to script with 

So .. maybe this can't be done.  But if someone out there has figured it 
out, I'm all ears!!  (Or eyes as the case may be.) 

Melissa Hayden-Raley 
IT Technician 
Milton Town School District 
Need computer help? 
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