I liked Lucie's idea with the show hide comments.   Here is another approace you could take.   It sounds like A.nnotate (http://a.nnotate.com/) would do pretty much what you are looking for (but not sure if the free version would work).  The other idea would be to use diigo's group annotation features to have students comment on the doc (http://www.diigo.com/education).  I just tested and it will annotate a shared G document.   

I'd be interested in seeing the result.

This also sounds like a fun project for a SmartBoard.

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If you use Google Apps, I could use some ideas for a teacher.  If not, go ahead and delete!

I have a 7th/8th grade literacy teacher who wants kids to be able to make comments back and forth on a reading piece.  She had hoped to put four kids in a group and simultaneously go through and insert comments.  She would like it to look like track changes, which I don't think is available in Google Apps.  What happens with the comments kids are putting in is that they break up the reading, so if one kid is reading faster than another, there are comments that break up the reading for the slower readers, so the paragraphs don't flow.  

I'm thinking of putting the reading piece into two columns (table) for the comments on the side, but am wondering if there is a better way.  Any thoughts?



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