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We have a lot of great presentations to offer this year and an exciting Keynote… and some wicked nice door prizes… if I can find them, they might be in my car.

May 22nd at South Burlington High School

Fee is $20 –Cash or Check (made to SBSD), no POs please.

Check in is 8:30 – 9:00 - last round table begins at 3 ending at 4.

Please print and stick a parking sheet on your dash.


Here’s the schedule:




8:30 – 9:00

Check in

Coffee and Bagels

10:00 – 10:50


The Vermont School Modernization Initiative – Heather Chirtea
The educational leadership groups in the state of Vermont have come together to develop the Vermont School Modernization Initiative to address the critical need for technology access by students and teachers in Vermont schools. The technology currently available in Vermont schools is woefully inadequate for the task of preparing students for the 21st century workforce, enabling smooth post-secondary transition, and ensuring future economic development. It is time to bring together educators, administrators, parents, community members, politicians, and business leaders in a statewide school modernization initiative that can define the root cause, identify new sources of funding, and develop transparent implementation systems. This initiative is designed to trigger a statewide movement for modernization and align with the Governor’s e-state initiative, as well as the transformation agenda set by Vermont’s Department of Education.

10:00 - 10:50

Session 1

Implementing Goolge Apps - Google:
We've all heard about Google Apps, but this time the information will be geared towards the implementers.

Take a Big Shi…f…t, you’ll feel better – Adam Provost
Our education, their education, their lives, call for a new citizen, innovation challenges, idividualized demands on institutional systems and "the shift" that we've seen develop. Embrace it or fight it ?  Perils and opportunities. What we've discovered at Burr and Burton:  How we've shifted, what we've learned, what it has done to the IT Dept and the infrastructure, Students and Faculty and then where we're headed next. All wrapped in nothing resembling a business like, appropriate or non-controversial fashion.

11:00 – 11:50


Pizza provided to us by Rocky’s Pizza in Willistion

12:00 – 12:50

Session 2

Imaging - Eric Hall:
Many schools use imaging as a means to deploy, update, and even resolve issues with individual computers. This session will include an overview and comparison (nothing in depth) of several imaging options (Ghost, FOG, Zenworks, Netboot, Deploystudio), a discussion of strategies to make the imaging process as efficient as possible and some thoughts about building and diversifying images. This session is intended to be a discussion vs. a stand-up presentation, so bring your questions and ideas to share.

Life on the Edge- Mike Lambert:
Mike with show off Untangle, an open source Swiss Army Knife for your network!  Logic Supply ( has graciously donated one of these systems for the conference!



FOSS AD Management Tools - Bjorn Behrendt:
I will show some of the tools free tools I use with the Active Directory network at Proctor.  These include logon script management, inventory, bulk user management, cloning and more.  For more information go to

1:00 – 1:50

Session 3


Apple will talk about Active Directory integration, system preferences, server technologies like Wikis and Blogs, Podcast Producer, and how to use an iPod Touch as a classroom response system.

Novell - Thom Kerby:

Zenworks is just for Netware anymore and much, much more.  Thom will also be around all day to answer questions, it’s a great opportunity to get some answers from one of Novell’s wizards. 

Virtualization: What's The Fuss - Mike Lambert:

Mike will show us the how and the why virtualization.

2:00 – 2:50

Session 4

Dell Vendor Presentation

Dell will present information about their products for education.  Info on the elusive Latitude 2100 min note and a live demo will be available.

Microsoft – Live@EDU:

Learn how Microsoft Live@edu can offer your K-12 institution the ultimate suite of collaboration applications for your students at no cost to your institution. Learn how you can offer a free co-branded inbox students can use as their primary account; Office Live Workspace to save and share documents and files online via the cloud to further encourage collaboration and facilitate group work. Additionally, you will learn how Live@edu works with your existing infrastructure and allows you to outsources the time and cost of spam filtering, server uptime and ongoing maintenance to Microsoft's enterprise-class infrastructure all in a safe and private manner to help keep your students safer online. Following the overview you'll have the opportunity to speak with our Microsoft Live@edu specialist to talk about next steps and how you can sign up for a trial account.

3:00 – 4:00

Round Table

Time for a group hug.  Gather around the campfire and sing camping songs.

** Update – Turns out the school has an issue with me starting a fire in the auditorium… So we can take this opportunity to hand out some door prizes and chat about stuff like:

·          What is the definition of success for a technical person in a school?  Is it a flawlessly running network and 99.9999% uptime?  Or is it students learning more using technology?

·          Shifting computing to the cloud in schools

·          How have schools set-up their networks to allow for student/faculty member's personal devices?

·          Antivirus software, one laptop per child

·          1:1 computing using netbooks

·          Which netbook to use (African or European), manage, and implement.

·          Buying group maight be considered to save us all some money.


GO Home!


To the Pub – Upperdeck Pub at the Windjammer


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Cya all  tomorrow.






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