I think we can all appreciate the scientific rigor of Jim's study, which
meets the same high standards as his earlier study demonstrating that polio
is caused by pesticides and not a virus.


On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 9:04 AM, Jim West <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I would like comments on my environmental study of "Swine flu", presented
> here.
> NYC (my home town) is the US epicenter.  I'm considering the recent time
> period of 4/22 - 4/29/2009
> Two main epicenters listed for NYC are reviewed below.
> Epicenter #1
> Google map keywords:
> "St. Francis Preparatory School" Queens
> Note (satellite view) strictly adjacent are three expressways and traffic
> loops and NW is the La Guardia main take-off lane directly in line.
> Epicenter #2
> Google map keywords:
> "Rye School" Westchester
> Note (satellite view) strictly adjacent are two expressways and loops.
> Weather conditions for Queens
> In the week of the emerging "Swine Flu" epidemic, note that on April 22nd
> wind moved to zero mph, stayed slow and then again to zero mph on 24th, the
> day when many students "suddently lined up at the nurse's station with
> nausea", etc.  Usuallly, wind averages are closer to 10mph.  Air pollution
> could not disperse away from school, and would concentrations would
> increase
> from vehicular exhaust.
> Temperature is very high, and high temperature defeats exhaust convection,
> leading to higher ground-level pollution.
> Wind direction is from the three adjacent expressways.
> Examples Misc
> Other epicenters mentioned in the media are "Mexico City", "New Jersey",
> "Austin Texas", which if looked into (weather and location) may find
> similar
> environmental causations.
> Symptoms
> "Swine flu" symptoms, fever, nausea, headache, disentery, etc., are
> similar,
> appropriate for concern about these air pollution scenarios.

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