Between yesterday and today the CDC's reported total of confirmed US  
swine flu cases rose by 948, well over 25%, to 4,298. See 
   Yet the administration and the media have now placed the disease on  
the back burner, it would seem. For instance NY Times has stopped  
offering its interactive flu tracker on its website. Yet in 2  
paragraphs at the tail end of an inside-page Times story yesterday   
was this:
"It is becoming clear that the epidemic in the United States will  
mirror the epidemic in Mexico, and similar rates of severe illness  
should be expected. The outbreak across Europe is still spreading  
slowly because the Europeans aggressively treat every suspected mild  
case with Tamiflu, health officials said.

"The United States now has more than 3,000 confirmed cases  two- 
thirds in people younger than 18  but only 116 hospitalizations. But  
officials note that hospitalizations take slightly longer to appear in  
statistics and deaths take much longer."

It appears the US is being far more cavalier than the Europeans, but  
the advantage of slowing the epidemic as much as possible is that that  
might allow a vaccine to be produced in time to protect many.

The number of US case now can be expected to be in the millions in six  
weeks or less. What will happen to the whole Obama program if that  
happens and his administration is blamed for not reacting more  
strenuously? And how many people will needlessly get very sick or die?