We have used Viasys (now owned by Cardinal Health) for years without problems.  The air tubes are color coded for right and left, and each level.  The menu friendly program is very easy to follow.  We purchased 2 Unetixs systems based upon the recommendation of a new employee, however the machines do not come with a spectral Doppler package.  A single line represents the Doppler waveform.  The sensitivity of the probe is dull.  We can hear that we are parallel, that the flow is normal but the waveform appears monophasic.  A real frustration.  We are lobbying Unetixs for a spectral Doppler waveform software package now but previous requests have met with slow response time.  The spectral Doppler package (automatically included on the VIASYS system), the PVR waveforms, toe pressures, segmental pressures and other packages in the VIASYS system have worked flawlessly for years.

Hokanson and Parks systems had not come up to the speed of VIASYS when we did a demo on them across the board two years ago.  Check into the service of these machines.  This is the one downfall of VIASYS when there is a problem.  We have been told that the takeover by Cardinal Health has resolved this problem.  We have not yet had to test it so cannot comment.  We also have the VIASYS TC 8080 TCD machine which is now being upgraded to the new system soon to be received.


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a favor to ask if any of you can please let me know if you use any of these 3 
units and how they have worked out for you:  

hokanson CVS4, unetixs multilab LHS-TI, and parks flo lab 2100 

appreciate any we are looking into purchasing such a unit to do 
LE arterial physio studies....we currently do ABI's and duplex for LEA's

thank you,
robin calderwood, RVT, RDCS
vascular lab
centre med surg assoc.
state college, PA

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