Cross posting from SDMS, re new limited registry for venous

Well, isn’t that just dandy!  More mud in the water…….  So what EXACTLY will the credential qualify them to do?  What will be the limits of there practice.  What the heck IS their practice? Will they localize a blood vessel to draw blood or open the flood gates to r/o DVT and perform guided venous closure laser procedures?  This is right up there with the transducer connected to the iPod for imaging free for all.   Quality seems to have slipped through the cracks…………..   


Bonnie Johnson RDMS, RVT, FSVU


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I am cross posting this for a colleague from the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. Does anyone have any information on this that you can share?

What do you know about this?

A message from Diana L. Neuhardt, RVT
Ultrasound Section Chair
ACP Board Member
American College of Phlebology
Registered Phlebology Specialist Ultrasound Credential
Recently, you may have received an email from Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) asking you to
participate in a survey. On behalf of the ACP ultrasound section, I wanted to share some background
information about this survey and provide some updated information about this exciting process.
The requirement of a “credential” for individuals performing ultrasound looms on the horizon. The GAO
(Government Accounting Office) issued a report to congress last summer stating there is evidence in the value
of setting such requirements. The GAO recommended to CMS (Center Medicare Services) to require an
ultrasound examination be performed only by credentialed individuals or within credentialed facilities.
There is no disputing the role ultrasound imaging plays in the practice of phlebology. Phlebologists using
ultrasound within their practice are looking to obtain credentials in ultrasound. Unfortunately, no phlebology
ultrasound credential exists. There are credentials through the ARDMS (Registered Vascular Technologist) and
CCI (Registered Vascular Specialist) for individuals performing vascular ultrasound examinations. However, the
vast majority of the certification does not relate to the areas of expertise in phlebology ultrasound. Specifically
the diagnostic nuances, clinical background, and therapeutic applications that involve phlebology are specialty
Over the past two years, a key focus of the Ultrasonography Section has been to proactively involve members
to develop phlebology ultrasound standards and also to establish the groundwork for a registry credential in
phlebology ultrasound. The US section includes members from varying medical backgrounds who have an
interest in the applied use and development of Phlebology ultrasound. This has created a wide variety of users
with varying skill sets, all sharing a perspective of the complexity of phlebology ultrasound. Following the
annual meeting in 2007, an ultrasound certification task force was formed. Joe Zygmunt, RVT, chaired the
specialized committee which included fact finding, summarizing administration proposals, and identifying subject
matter experts. The task force committee submitted a recommendation for a phlebology credential to the ACP
Board of Directors. The ACP Board of Directors voted in 2007 to approve the development and administration
of the phlebology ultrasound credential under the auspices of Cardiovascular Credentialing International.
The requirement for ultrasound credentialing continues to mount. Only just recently, the governor of the state
of New Mexico signed a bill requiring licensing for any individual performing ultrasound examinations, although
physicians are the exception at this time.
CCI is in the process of developing a phlebology ultrasound credential – a preliminary examination blueprint
based on a multitude of factors. Of great significance will be YOUR response to the survey. Thank you for
your willingness to participate in the process!
Subject matter experts will be meeting together May 14-17th. We need your input and suggestions. Please fill out the survey

Kelly Estes RVT, RDCS, RDMS

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