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for venous
	I don't like this because it seems to say that being an RVT
isn't good enough to properly work in a vein practice.  I understand the
idea of having someone being well versed in vein therepy but I think
that can be a part of being an RVT and not separate.  If this happens
then why not have separate credentials for carotid ultrasound and
arterial ultrasound?  I think it is also muddying the water by chopping
up and weakening the RVT credential.
	Jeff Stanley BS,RVT
	The Surgical Clinic
	Nashville, TN

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for venous

		Bonnie/ nancy

		(not in defense of the credential) .... But from my
understanding the scope of the credential is that the person would be an
individual WELL versed in the understanding of vein therapy both on the
clinical and sonography side.  The credential will not allow the
individual to practice independently and especially NOT injecting
anything and/or doing vein therapy procedures. Just in assisting, both
with scanning and with procedures in a bonafied vein therapy practice.
To reiterate my reservation, I feel the emphasis on the ultrasound side
is going to be secondary to the clinical side. In other words,  my fear
is that a person that has not been formally trained in venous anatomy,
pathophysiology, etc. but has "worked holding the transducer" will
qualify for this credential.   I don't necessarily think it muddys the
water as much as dilutes the profession. 

		Doug Marcum RDMS,RDCS,RVT(APS)
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			Well, isn't that just dandy!  More mud in the
water.......  So what EXACTLY will the credential qualify them to do?
What will be the limits of there practice.  What the heck IS their
practice? Will they localize a blood vessel to draw blood or open the
flood gates to r/o DVT and perform guided venous closure laser
procedures?  This is right up there with the transducer connected to the
iPod for imaging free for all.   Quality seems to have slipped through
the cracks..............   


			Bonnie Johnson RDMS, RVT, FSVU


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registry for venous

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