They were very nice folks,I admired their work, and they are no longer with us. I suppose it's a borderline problem, so I sort of apologize. 


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Isn't that a HIPPA violation? :)

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> My then co-worker Kathleen Bower got to do a carotid scan on John  
> Carradine (Stagecoach, preacher in Grapes of Wrath, hundreds of  
> other movies, father of those other Carradines). And we took care of  
> Olaf Wieghorst (very highly-regarded Western artist) and his wife.
> But the folks across town at Scripps Green did Mother Theresa, so  
> they all kind of glow now.
> Once when I visited Jean at Cedars, we saw Stewart Granger walking  
> along in a bathrobe. I think you have to be pretty old to care about  
> him (or John Carradine) unless you watch a lot of TCM channel.
> Don Ridgway

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