Sorry to cut in on your conversation but is this the Cindy Owen that did the webinar on improving your vascular images? If so could you please email me at my personal email [log in to unmask] I have some questions with regard to the GE Vivid 7. If anyone else is having issues with the image on that machine please let me know as well. 


Specifically I am having trouble with the following:

a block type artifact that shows up in my image (right in the middle of most of my carotid vessels)
a line that appears in my spectral image
lots of variability in my spectral gain (ie way over gained spectral waveforms with NO speckling in the background this occurs inconsistantly)

 There are many more issues and so I was just wondering if any of the rest of you have been experiencing any of these. I have had the system checkd for outside electrical interference and there was none.


Thanks Jodie

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Wow, Denise. You are amazing. I love your attitude.
--Cindy Owen

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Oh ,,, this is the best, thank you,
Denise Levy
swinging a transducer since 1974,

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I graduated in 2004.  My first job out of school was $50/hr with a furnished two bedroom apartment in Boulder, CO (covering maternity leave and then some extra time-- four months).  It was fun to pick up the phone and my mom would say, "Do you know how much money they deposited into your account this month?"  One month it was over $15,000.
I returned to the Midwest for 1-2years.  South Dakota dumps a relative enormous amount of students each year into the market- local markets are effected by access to students- you decide what this means to you.  Back into the $20's and still disrupted sleep.  Then, I moved to a smaller town on the west coast with some data sources saying the expense was similar, some saying it was 15% higher.  The tech that had been working here for over 20 years was at $28/hr, I started at $35.  A year later $40/hr.  Obviously, I still feel like I've gone backwards considering my out of the gate geyser.  I could believe techs are making anywhere from $15/hr to $100 an hour.  I like the magazine ad on the plane, "In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."  1.  I try to plant a seed in students head when it comes time to discuss salary ask about the economic realities of the situation, innocently.  "How much is the CPT code for someone doing this job for 20 years, how much is the CPT code for someone doing the job for one day?"  "So, there's really no economic difference between me and someone doing this job for 20 years, I know you'll be fair."  (Total lie, because that individual is going to turn around and try and justify their raise or bonus on how well they low balled you.)  2.  I tell students don't ever get soft.  Don't slide down to average daily production.  And know your numbers.  In a quiet moment after an exam a Doc made a comment about how I am expensive (this is a good sign- it means you're probably not at the bottom of range).  "I grossed you over a million dollars last year and you didn't even have to pay me a truck stop waitress tip.  I did 550 more billables than my FTE equivalent, the value of just those "add ons" was over 100k.  That means just my add ons paid all my salary, vacation, and still yielded on extra month of production in the year.  What would be expensive is to hire an average tech and pay them an average salary."  He hates the 'truck stop waitress tip' analogy, it must be a good one.  It would take special group maneuvers to negotiate against an institution with the lack of Corps among techs.  
Well gotta run,,,,,i do thank all those techs that have done so much for us....through SDMS.....ASE.....and accreditation.....and butted heads for us before us...i do feel very indebted to the sonographers of the last 20-30 years....don't let our students get jacked it is not win/ actually hurts all of us...  

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Denise Levy

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