We did birding around VT and NH yesterday, having some interesting 
insects as well as birds.  Photos below, but first an ID question.

I've flagged this bird:

as a common yellowthroat, but nothing in the literature I've seen 
indicates a possibility for a Spring CY with a black beak.  Is that 
just a mistake in the literature or is it possible I've got something 
more unusual?  I'm still going with common yellowthroat, but the 
black beak confuses me.

Okay, photos from yesterday:

This blackburnian warbler was a real treat during a short hike up 
Pitcher Mountain this morning [Mon, May 25, 2009, Pitcher Mountain, 
Stoddard, NH]

Mystery butterfly/moth [Mon, May 25, 2009, Pitcher Mountain, Stoddard, NH]

Mystery damselfly [Mon, May 25, 2009, Pitcher Mountain, Stoddard, NH]

Mystery dragonfly [Mon, May 25, 2009, Pitcher Mountain, Stoddard, NH]

Backyard House Finch [Mon, May 25, 2009]

Backyard chipping sparrow, with lunch [Mon, May 25, 2009]

Mystery backyard moth [Mon, May 25, 2009]

I went to brush something off my face and realized it was this 
spider.  After it landed on the ground, I tried taking a few pictures 
in the hopes I could get someone to help me ID it. [Mon, May 25, 2009]

Downy woodpecker on suet feeder [Mon, May 25, 2009]

This house finch family all popped onto the feeder pole at once.  I 
had to get a few photos [Mon, May 25, 2009]

House finch fledgling.  It just stood there squeaking waiting for 
someone to come feed it until it figured out how to use the feeder 
itself. [Mon, May 25, 2009]

American goldfinch on thistle feeder. [Mon, May 25, 2009]

Song sparrow grazing off of feeder seed. [Mon, May 25, 2009]

Backyard common yellowthroat. [Mon, May 25, 2009]

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