Thanks Jane,

Steve Costello seems to have a good relationship with this woman I spoke with, and he is the one that really helped make the nest platforms at Sand Bar a reality as well as make the VT eagle restoration project possible, so I am hopeful something good will happen here. He says that what CVPS does is to install a second pole with a platform and physically move the nest. I have no idea what GMP does.

We'll see, but I may ask you for that name if nothing happens soon. I'll give Fish and Wildlife a call tomorrow, as well.

Yeah, I'm really bad at climbing poles. I'm also especially bad at getting down. That's always been the scary part for me. And I have had a few talons in my scalp before, but those of an osprey are incredibly powerful. If the relocation of a nest happens, it would be amazing to witness.

Hey, does anyone have a connection at Burlington Free Press? That might get the power company to move faster.

Again, if anyone passes that way, I'd love to hear if A) The bird is still there, B) It's given up and moved on to greener pastures, or C) It's lying in a heap of fried osprey. The latter of which would be incredibly sad, but it would not be impossible given that the wingspan can be around 6 feet.

Jane S. (the other Jane S.)