Print much for grand notions of seeing a 'possible'  Snowy Egret.  
On my way home from work I stopped by the stream crossing just south of 
Cheese Factory Rd on Rt 116 (South Burlington).  There was a single 
Egret fishing down stream of the beaver dam (my guess is it is probably 
the 'small' bird I reported this morning (via Ken)).  The upper mandible 
was partially dark but also partially yellow (overall it was darker than 
any of the Great Egrets I have photographed elsewhere).  The lower 
mandible was definitely yellow.  I only saw a flash view of  feet but no 
yellow was seen.  It lacked the neck tufts that are typical of a Snowy. 
    I am now confident it looks a much more like a Great Egret than an 
implausible Snowy.  Lesson learned: I will keep  binoculars in the car 
from now on.