We've noticed this with Hermit Thrush, but in the open yard, without the 
leaves.  At one point a couple of weeks ago we had 8 of them in the yard at 
one time, and several of them were doing a little one-footed stomp.  I also 
spotted one doing it earlier this week.  It seems like I've heard that 
robins will do that, too.  Perhaps it's common to the thrush family in 

Jim Phillips


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Subject: [VTBIRD] foot quivering

A woman came to the office and described foot-quivering in what she
described as Wood Thrush.  Bird would place a foot on a leaf and wiggle
the leaf and observe, presumably for prey items escaping.  I looked at
the Birds of North America and could not find such a behavior recorded
for Wood Thrush but found it described under the account of Hermit
Thrush.  She might have mis ID the bird.  Has anyone here seen this
behavior before?  And with what birds?

I must confess a degree of envy.  This woman lives, I believe, off the
grid on 300 acres of mature forest somewhere in the Orange area.  She is
always coming in with wonderful "Guess what I saw yesterday..." stories.

Bill Barnard