Hi all,

I'm reporting on 3 short walks over the past two days.

Yesterday (5/7/09)
I walked around our farm in Moretown -- late in the afternoon.  I was  
in a wet, intermediate growth area, and thought I heard something  
different.  I followed it for a bit, but couldn't locate the bird.  I  
went on to one of my other "hot spots" about a hundred yards away.   
As I turned back toward the house to get out of the rain, I spied  
movement in the bottom of a small pine along a stream.  Two olive  
colored warbler looking birds revealed themselves.  On closer  
inspection they showed bright chestnut caps and yellow bellies.  I  
got good looks at them and confirmed that they had all the other  
markings and behavior of Palm Warblers.  I played their song when I  
got back to my computer -- it was the same one I had been pursuing  
earlier.  A first on the farm.   And a life bird for me, too.
We also had our foy white crowned sparrow, and a pair of bluebirds  
moved into the nest in the backyard.  A busy day along the Mad River.

Today 5/8/09)

Pat Folsum and I took two very short walks.  One at Berlin Pond, and  
one back at the farm to see if we could find the Palm Warblers again.

Here's our Berlin Pond List:
	21 species -- The Oriole was FOY for both of us.  The Black and  
White, Ovenbird and Yellowthroat were foy for me.  And the Water  
Thrush was a life bird for me (too bad we didn't see it).

	American Crow			3
	Ovenbird				2 heard
	Common Grackle		5
	Red Winged Black Bird	8
	Tree Swallow			6
	Yellow-Rumped Warbler	3 -- apparently in a group of 10 or more
	Swamp Sparrow		1 heard
	Song Sparrow			3
	Water Thrush			2 heard
	Common Yellowthroat	1 heard
	Canada Goose			4
	Hooded Merganser		5
	Mallard				4
	Wood Duck			1
	Black Capped Chickadee	4
	Eastern Kingbird		1
	American Robin			1
	Black and White Warbler	2 heard
	Yellow Warbler			2
	Red-Tailed Hawk		1
	Baltimore Oriole			1

Here's our CrossHaven Farm List
	22 species	 -- The Northern Parula was FOY for Pat, life bird for me

	Rose Breasted Grosbeak	1
	Eastern Bluebird		2
	Common Grackle		6
	Red Winged Blackbird		8
	Pine Sisken			2
	Eastern Phoebe			1
	Goldfinch				5
	American Robin			2
	Northern Parula			1
	Yellow-rumped Warbler	2
	Baltimore Oriole			1
	Song Sparrow			2
	Mourning Dove			2
	Wild Turkey			1 heard
	American Crow			1
	Rock Pigeon 			10
	Common Merganser		2
	Tree Swallow			3
	White Crowned Sparrow	1
	Ruby throated Hummingbird	1
	Downy Woodpecker		1
	Northern Flicker		1 heard

No Palms seen today -- but the Parula and Orioles were beautiful gifts!