My mystery warbler is driving me nuts. He sings every morning, going  
from tree to tree in a rough square that apparently marks his  
territory. He always sings from quite high, twenty feet or more. Most  
of the time, he's in deciduous trees but he might have sung from a  
white pine today as well.

The beginning of the song is a buzzy rising sequence, followed by a  
tumbling down noise. The first part is somewhat like a slow Parula -  
but not quite - and somewhat like a Prairie Warbler - but I can't  
find any description or recording that has the ending. One book  
describes an Orange-Crowned Warbler's song as ending with a downward  
tumble but the recordings of this bird don't sound anything like my  

Would anyone like to come by some morning to listen and maybe find  
the critter? This morning, it sang regularly, every few seconds, from  
7:00 till when the rain chased me indoors at a few minutes before eight.

I've gotten quick glimpses four times now: a slender bird, sharp  
bill, longer tail than many warblers. Today, I thought I glimpsed  
darkish red or orange once but never saw any color after that so I'm  
not sure of the first impression. I think it's on the large side for  

Here's an attempt at its song - very buzzy

tzee tzee tzee tzee tzee tzee Zeee oh

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center