Several birders have asked for directions to this area, which has  
beautiful walking trails and a variety of habitats. Here they are:

Drive out Pleasant Valley Road through Underhill Center. Either turn  
left onto Sand Hill Road or turn left further out at Underhill  
Central School (Irish Settlement Road). Sand Hill and Irish  
Settlement Road merge.

About .7 miles past the merger of the two roads, there's a small pull- 
off on the right, with a metal gate. (There's room for two cars.)  
Once through the gate, trails will take you straight ahead to an open  
field with a spectacular view of Mt. Mansfield. (The field is the  
site of the old Underhill dump. You'll see several methane monitoring  
wells.) At the top of the field, trails head right or left. They're  
both beautiful. The right-hand trails go down to a river and  
eventually end back on Sand Hill Road.  You can also walk all the way  
down to Underhill Central School.

If you choose the left-hand trails, bear right at the only  
intersection. The trail goes through woods down to New Road, an  
unmaintained road that goes by five or six beaver ponds. Water is  
often over the road, so if you want to see all the ponds, wear shoes  
that don't mind getting wet.

The beginning of New Road can also be reached by continuing driving  
out Pleasant Valley Road beyond the school. Near the entrance to  
Underhill State Park, New Road is on the left. You can park by the  
town garage and walk New Road from there.