I was stumped for a long time trying to decipher Golden-crowned Kinglet's 
song which to my ear sounds like a slow chromatic up the scale followed by a 
tumbling downward. The overall impression is warbler-like.


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> Good idea. I do have a tape recorder, but it's pretty awful. I'll try 
> tomorrow and see if I can get anything recognizable. Thanks!
> Maeve
> On May 31, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Miriam Lawrence wrote:
>> Maeve, do you have any means of recording the song -- mini tape
>> recorder, video/camcorder?  If digital, you could share it
>> electronically... Otherwise, maybe you could play it over the phone  for
>> someone sufficiently knowledgable?
>> This method has worked for me a number of times when I was stumped  on a
>> song or call.
>> Miriam Lawrence
>> Monkton
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>> My mystery warbler is driving me nuts. He sings every morning, going
>> from tree to tree in a rough square that apparently marks his
>> territory. He always sings from quite high, twenty feet or more. Most
>> of the time, he's in deciduous trees but he might have sung from a
>> white pine today as well.
>> The beginning of the song is a buzzy rising sequence, followed by a
>> tumbling down noise. The first part is somewhat like a slow Parula -
>> but not quite - and somewhat like a Prairie Warbler - but I can't
>> find any description or recording that has the ending. One book
>> describes an Orange-Crowned Warbler's song as ending with a downward
>> tumble but the recordings of this bird don't sound anything like my
>> bird.
>> Would anyone like to come by some morning to listen and maybe find
>> the critter? This morning, it sang regularly, every few seconds, from
>> 7:00 till when the rain chased me indoors at a few minutes before  eight.
>> I've gotten quick glimpses four times now: a slender bird, sharp
>> bill, longer tail than many warblers. Today, I thought I glimpsed
>> darkish red or orange once but never saw any color after that so I'm
>> not sure of the first impression. I think it's on the large side for
>> warblers.
>> Here's an attempt at its song - very buzzy
>> tzee tzee tzee tzee tzee tzee Zeee oh
>> Maeve Kim
>> Jericho Center