I'm aware of a couple of other red-bellied reports from Washington County,
including 1 from East Montpelier (for many months), Elm Street in Montpelier
and Middlesex.

Chip Darmstadt
Executive Director
North Branch Nature Center
713 Elm Street
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Subject: [VTBIRD] Red-bellied Woodpecker and gulls

A woman from Roxbury showed up at the office the other day with a lovely
photo of a Red-bellied Woodpecker from her yard.   It was a male and
appeared alone.   Any other reports of this species from Washington


Fishing on Friday at Baker Pond, Rt. 12, Brookfield.   Two black headed
gulls on the lake.  Did not have binoculars.  Suspect they were Laughing
Gulls.  Is that the most likely?  Could not see color of beak or legs.


Bill Barnard