I'd been hearing what I thought was a Nashville for the last couple of days -- but finally this 
morning, I caught him singing in the top of a popple tree.  Sweet!

Also this week, I heard a first winter wren -- I had thought they arrived earlier in general... 

The Woodcocks are still peenting and loop-de-looping like crazy.

A FOY White-throated sparrow was trying out his song in the woods across the road as I 
walked back from the Nashville hang-out.

And last but not least, a couple of raptor first from last week: I spotted my first Goshawk 
last week skimming the treetops in Happy Hollow; a Cooper's lifting from the road in 
Williston to a tree perch; and I was pretty sure that we caught a Merlin that came tearing  
through the hemlock down by my daughter's tree house -- all angular and falcon-like, 
kestrel-ish, but more grey and drab... and also, it was up in the forrested hills.


--justin in Huntington