Greg, can you give directions to this area from Silver Street/Hinesburg?  Are you just walking the road?
Miriam Lawrence


From: Vermont Birds on behalf of Gregory Askew
Sent: Sun 5/10/2009 2:42 PM
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Subject: [VTBIRD] Piney Woods, Monkton

Seen and heard this morning:
1. Canada goose
2. Sharp-shinned hawk
3. Red-tailed hawk
4. Ruffed grouse
5. Wild turkey
6. Spotted sandpiper
7. Mourning dove
8. Barred owl
9. Yellow-bellied sapsucker
10. Hairy woodpecker
11 Downy woodpecker
12. Pileated woodpecker
13. Least flycatcher
14. Eastern phoebe
15. Yellow-throated vireo
16. Blue-headed vireo
17. Blue jay
18. American crow
19. Tree swallow
20. Barn swallow
21. Tufted titmouse
22. Black-capped chickadee
23. Red-breasted nuthatch
24. White-breasted nuthatch
25. Brown creeper
26. Winter wren
27. Ruby-crowned kinglet
28. American robin
29. Wood thrush
30. Veery
31. Gray catbird
32. Starling
33. Cedar waxwing
34. Blue-winged warbler song
35. Golden-winged warbler song
Golden-winged warbler singing a perfect blue-winged song
36. Nashville warbler
37. Yellow warbler
38. Chesnut-sided warbler
39. Magnolia warbler
40. Blackburnian warbler
41. Yellow-rumped warbler
42. Black-and-white warbler
43. Ovenbird
44. Common yellowthroat
45. WILSON'S warbler
46. Scarlet tanager
47. Cardinal
48. Rose-breasted grosbeak
49. Chipping sparrow
50. Savannah sparrow
51. White-throated sparrow
52. Song sparrow
53. Swamp sparrow
54. Bobolink
55. Brown-headed cowbird
56. Red-winged blackbird
57. Common grackle
58. Baltimore oriole
59. American goldfinch

I include the full list because I find the diversity around this mile 
or so stretch of road to always be impressive. There were some notable 
absences, which may have been overlooked or perhaps haven't returned 
yet (indigo bunting and Louisiana waterthrush were the most 
Does anyone know who owns the property around there? It's such a 
beautiful area but the wooded ravine unfortunately compels some idiots 
to treat it like a dump. I'm hoping that expressing a some interest 
might persuade the property owner to do more to protect the place.