Lovely account Peter -- thanks for sharing it!

-Miriam Lawrence, Monkton 

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Spoon feeding a Ruby-throated Hummingbird

I found a Ruby-throated Hummingbird in my kitchen yesterday afternoon
making lunch. how it got there is a mystery to me. It was wedged between

two cans of olives, I opened the window, picked the little one up and
put my 
hand outside to let the hummer fly away.  Trying to fly, it went down
like a 
rock and was stuck in the grass I quickly ran out and grabbed the hummer

before it became food for one of the larger birds out there. Making some
water with one hand while holding a frightened ruby-throated hummingbird
the other was one of those  how the hack am I going to do this moments.
first the hummer wouldn't take the sugar water from the spoon and I was 
starting to get a little concerned when I noticed the water rippling,
the bird 
was taking in fluids which was a good sign. I became hopful,  I sat
feeding this little wonder for 45 minutes as the bird start to gather it
finely I said are you ready to go now.  Went back to the hummer feeder
let the bird go and this time it went up to it's regular perch, I hoped
it would 
be OK. 
 After work I looked for the hummer and saw both of the rudy-throats at
feeder acting very normal, I was satisfied that I had done me best to
help and 
that the little female Ruby-throat would be fine.

Good birding to all this holiday

Peter Manship