Mr. Ethan Linck and I took a soggy stroll this morning through the park, and 
while we were able to locate the BWW and GWW (the blue-winged dropped 
out of the trees and gave us a great show -- it even buzzed out over the 
meadow and into the grass), we struck out on the BGB and the Ox2.  

On Fri, 29 May 2009 07:14:47 -0400, Miriam Lawrence 
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>Sounds like Geprag's Park (that's where the BWW and GWW are).... ?
>A couple of other folks reported this bird earlier in the week... We
>missed it when we were birding there last weekend. Can anyone explain
>specifically where in the park it was located?  And has it been
>confirmed as Blue Grosbeak at this point?

It sounds from Laurie's post like she saw the grosbeak up near the windmill, 
the upper orchard.  Basically, go into the park, go past the benches, and tend 
toward north-east/upwards, and you should see the windmill.

Near the entrance of the park, I did see something blue in flight, and I'd like to 
say it had a reddish tint on the sides, and that it looked larger than an indigo 
bunting... but there's no way I could ID it.  After hunting around a bit, I gave 
up and went looking for the oriole...

>Also, where at Geprag's was the Orchard Oriole seen?

I got excited at one point, thinking I'd spotted the female, but turns out it was 
just a goldfinch, very drab plumage, looking larger through my glasses.  I would 
also love to know where it was last spotted.