I was the only visitor at Moose Bog yesterday afternoon and early this 
morning. Despite careful and slow observation high and low, no spruce grouse 
seen. At the path down to the bog itself, I heard a Cape May song/call that 
was identical to my memory of the Stokes CD. The bird with yellow eventually 
showed itself, but it was a golden-crowned kinglet. Hmmm.  It was not doing 
its longer song.  Later on, what a bird sounding like even a better Cape May 
song was not seen, so don't know.  Without boreal chickadee and only a 
distant BB woodpecker sound, I had to be content with the more subtle boreal 
species down at the water- an olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-bellied 
flycatcher, and Lincoln's sparrow.  The very wet path had fresh moose tracks. 
Swimming beaver on the water when I arrived.  For those who only stay in the 
upper forest, I must say that the body of water itself with a shoreline 
decorated with blooming Rhodora was worth the visit, even if no birds were 

Nulhegan (Silvio Conte) also left me without a spruce grouse observation. 
Luckily, there are road signs up now-preventing me from getting lost like the 
last visit.  The highlight bird for me were plentiful blackpoll warblers.  I find it 
interesting that in the Adirondacks, this warbler only lives in the upper 
elevation mountain spruce-fir zone and not the lowland boreal habitat. Yet in 
Vermont, NH, and Maine, it can be found at lower elevations.

The Conn. Lakes was my third spruce grouse hope, but unfulfilled as well.  
Three good highlights here though were:  one spot where the most common 
warbler all over was bay-breasted.  This is a real find in NY and Vermont.  A 
couple of locations had Philadelphia vireos near 2nd Ct. Lake.  Finally, I found 
shrubby wet habitat with breeding Wilson's warblers.  Only rare historical 
records of breeding in the Adirondacks, I knew this species breeded in Maine 
but was not sure about the Pittsburg NH area.

15 shaggy moose were not photogenic this time of year . . . .camping in Island 
Pond was a bad decision with a private party shooting off fireworks until 
3AM . . .did I mention it rained three days in a row!

Jeff Nadler