Good luck! Hope you solve the mystery!

On a more general note, I've actually found the ability to record bird
sounds to be indispensable in recent years, even if it's just so I can
compare what I hear to my CDs later on (I have a poor auditory memory),
or better yet, play it for someone more knowledgable than I am.  

I actually use my tiny little Flip digital camcorder for this purpose,
but these days, digital voice recorders are relatively inexpensive (many
models in the $50-$100 range), small, and easy to use with hours of
recording capacity -- and if it's digital, you can just email a sound
file whenever the need arises. 

At this point, I view having some form of audio recording capability as
almost as important (thought not quite) as good optics to my enjoyment
of/improvement in birding.



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Good idea. I do have a tape recorder, but it's pretty awful. I'll try  
tomorrow and see if I can get anything recognizable. Thanks!