I don't have that video but I don't know what he looks like anyway.  He is kind of a shadowy figure on Telemark Tips who has earned enormous respect.  He rarely posts and it is always cryptic.  He is a Coloradoan and never rides lifts.  A lot of his skiing is in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  He gave me the info for my Rollins Pass and Isabelle Glacier summer trips of a couple years ago. 

He makes an exception to solo to go on the TT Independence Pass trip every year and if you look at the TRs his picture is probably in there.  I'll let someone else do the work of finding them.  Or you could wait til this year's Indy Pass outing which is being planned on TT right now.   I'd love to do that trip.  It is one of a half dozen signature highway pass car shuttle/hitchhike trips in N Am., along with Loveland Pass (which I've done), Beartooth Pass (which Jay Silveira has done), Berthoud Pass,  and of course Mt. Wash. Auto Rd.

Alex> Denis, was this guy in PW '07? I seem to remember a segment on an older gentlemen who always skied solo.


M1>? If your either dedicated or crazy enough, there's not even the concept of an annual tally:

Then there is this,

I have followed Tomski's posts over several years and learned at some point that he is
in his mid 70s and always goes alone. Makes me feel like a wimp.
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