The vigorous Dr Lenny Horowitz expounds this ace conspiracy theory (but as we all know, no conspiracies occur lately ;-) ) at

I don't know what to make of this, and would therefore be grateful for informed comment.
 Horowitz seems to be instrumental in the dubious  whose website includes some highly implausible claims.

I asked an M.D Ph.D (NYU) friend of mine about Horowitz's theory of GM-H1N1; he thought it broadly plausible, and mentioned tangentially but strikingly:-

when I went back to the MD-PhD annual party, there on the stage was the new director of the program, and
the emcee of the event, Dr. David Sabatini, a good friend of Todaro and Basillico.  So, at an appropriate
part of the proceedings, when the floor was opened to questions, I swallowed my fear and asked Sabatini, whom I
knew more than slightly (although I wouldn't call him a "colleague"), to comment on the fact that NYU was the leading educational institutional recipient of US germ warfare research dollars, as revealed by congressional records.  He froze, got a really dirty look on his face, and said, in an ice-cold voice, "We're going to go the next question".