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Third International Conference on Climate Change

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The Heartland Institute
<> , a think
<>  tank funded in part
by energy corporations[1]
n_Climate_Change#_note-0#_note-0> , is organizing the Third International
Conference on Climate Change which will be held in Washington, DC on June 2,
2009 at the Washington Court Hotel to "call attention to widespread dissent
to the asserted "consensus" on various aspects of climate change and global


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On its website, the institute states that "the purpose of the event is to
expose Congressional staff and journalists to leading scientists and
economists in the nation's capital. Senators and Representatives will be
invited to speak side-by-side with leading scientists and economists. Allied
organizations have been invited to be cosponsors, to help supply speakers
and promote the event to their members and supporters."[2]

"The conference's theme will be "Climate Change: Scientific Debate and
Economic Analysis." The theme reflects the fact that the scientific debate
is not over and that economic analysis is more important than ever, now that
legislation is being seriously considered. The real science and economics of
climate change support the view that global warming is not a crisis and that
immediate action to reduce emissions is not necessary. This is, in fact, the
emerging consensus view of scientists outside the IPCC and most economists
outside environmental advocacy groups," the institute states.[2]

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On its website, the Heartland Institute lists speakers, as of May 7 2009, as

*                   Joseph Bast
<> , the President of
the The Heartland Institute 

*                   Bob Carter
<> , and Australian
global warming skeptic; 

*                   Craig D. Idso
<> , the Chairman of
the Center for the
ioxide_and_Global_Change>  Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change; 

*                   Jeff Kueter
<> , the President of
the George C. Marshall Institute
<> ; 

*                   Ben Lieberman
<> , a Senior Policy
Analyst with the Heritage Foundation
<> ; 

*                   Richard S. Lindzen
<> , the Alfred
P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and
Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 

*                   Patrick Michaels
<> , the Editor
of the World Climate Report
<> , a blog
published by his PR firm, New Hope Environmental Services

*                   Christopher Monckton
<> , from the
Science and Public Policy Institute
ute> ; 

*                   Dana Rohbacher
<> , a U.S.
Republican Congressman from California; 

*                   Harrison Scmitt
<> , a former U.S.
Senator and NASA Astronaut and an Adjunct Professor of Engineering Physics,
University of Wisconsin - Madison; 

*                   S. Fred Singer
<> , the President
of the Science and Environmental
_Project>  Policy Project; 

*                   Willie Soon
<> , the Chief Science
Advisor of Science and Public Policy Institute
ute> ; 

*                   Roy W. Spencer
<>  from the
University of Alabama 

*                   James M. Taylor
<> , the Managing
Editor of Environment
<> &
Climate News, a Heartland Institute publication; 

*                   John S. Theon
<> , Former Program
Administrator, NASA; 

*                   David G. Tuerck
<> , the Executive
Director of the Beacon Hill Institute
<> ; and 

*                   Anthony Watts