Horowitz is a nut, as can be read in the comments listed below his YouTube 
video.  He creates buzz.

Nevertheless, I think everyone agrees that pharma/chem market interests 
influence the CDC, WHO, medical education and public media.  Maybe a 
journalist could explain how product-placement is done.

My technical concerns

1)  The toxicology of flu epidemics is missing, yet each epidemic site is 
downstream (air, water) from and near major industry.

2)  Total flu (regardless of name) incidence is not unusual.

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:13:38 +1200, Robt Mann <[log in to unmask]> 

>The vigorous Dr Lenny Horowitz expounds this ace conspiracy theory
>(but as we all know, no conspiracies occur lately ;-) ) at
>I don't know what to make of this, and would therefore be grateful
>for informed comment.
>  Horowitz seems to be instrumental in the dubious
>whose website includes some highly implausible claims.
>I asked an M.D Ph.D (NYU) friend of mine about Horowitz's theory of
>GM-H1N1; he thought it broadly plausible, and mentioned tangentially
>but strikingly:-
>when I went back to the MD-PhD annual party, there on the stage was
>the new director of the program, and
>the emcee of the event, Dr. David Sabatini, a good friend of Todaro
>and Basillico.  So, at an appropriate
>part of the proceedings, when the floor was opened to questions, I
>swallowed my fear and asked Sabatini, whom I
>knew more than slightly (although I wouldn't call him a "colleague"),
>to comment on the fact that NYU was the leading educational
>institutional recipient of US germ warfare research dollars, as
>revealed by congressional records.  He froze, got a really dirty look
>on his face, and said, in an ice-cold voice, "We're going to go the
>next question".