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Yeah.  Curious.  This joint has been a major source of controversy in 
Maine since it opened.

I recall when I lived in Pittsfield, VT (near Killington) many a year 
ago when a local crazy guy walked into a convenience store with a 
shotgun and blew away the owner's girlfriend because he thought her 
last name sounded Russian (good thing it wasn't a few years later - 
the owner was Iranian by birth).

My only solace in that tragedy was that at lease I lived in a place 
where such stories were still horrible, and still news.  There 
actually is solace in that.  In many parts of the world, worse things 
happen as a matter  of course, and of daily life.

Even here, Tag.  Why no mention of the (Muslim) religious zealot who 
killed a couple of Army guys?  Or are the Army guys symptoms of the 
problem on the planet you came from?  Or was it an "inconvenient truth?"

Meantime, I'll continue to mourn people slain by morons.  And I'll 
continue to avoid Dunk's and topless coffee shops and continue to 
patronize Starbucks and its local competitors.  I'm not fond of 
attitude or Birkenstocks,  but I prefer coffee that tastes like 
coffee beans, not dishwater.

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