June 2009 - For immediate release

The University of Arizona Digital Information Management (DigIn) online graduate
certificate program has been awarded a prestigious grant of over $900,000 from
the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, primarily to fund

The DigIn curriculum combines intensive, hands-on technology learning with a
thorough grounding in the theoretical principles needed to manage large and
complex digital collections.

The program takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to managing
digital information and is designed to support a wide range of career paths,
especially involving libraries, museums, archives, and records management.

Graduate certificates are increasingly being recognized as a means for
professionals with advanced degrees to update their knowledge and skills. DigIn
also offers a path for those with undergraduate degrees who are interested in
digital collections but who may not yet be ready to commit to a full degree

The grant will also greatly boost DigIn's mission to foster disciplinary,
institutional, geographic, and cultural diversity in the management of digital
collections and services.

Thus, DigIn strongly encourages scholarship applicants representing historically
underserved institutions, regions, and communities, as well as students
expressing interest in working with digital collections in culturally diverse

DigIn is now accepting applications for admission and financial aid for the Fall
2009 semester. The application deadline has just been extended to July 10.

Late applications will be accepted, though Fall admission cannot be guaranteed
once the July 10 deadline has passed. Late applicants will also be considered
for admission in the Spring 2010 semester.

The program is delivered entirely online and does not require students to reside
in or travel to Tucson. Students generally complete the certificate in 4-6
semesters (15-27 months).

DigIn was founded in 2007 with major funding from Institute of Museum and
Library Services, the primary source of federal support for the nation?s
122,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. The Institute's mission is to create
strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.

Our current partners also include the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public
Records, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Sedona Conference.

Additional details on the program including course descriptions, admissions
requirements and application forms may be found on the program website:

Prospective applicants are also welcome to contact the DigIn staff at:

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