I am pleased to announce the availability of my keynote presentation
recently given at InSite 2009: The Informing Science + IT Education
Joint Conference at  Macon State College, Georgia, On June 13 2009 >>>




InSITE-Connect: A Model For Dynamic Interdisciplinary Interaction




As prominently stated on its homepage, the Informing Science Institute
is "an organization of colleagues helping colleagues ... [that] draw[s]
together people ... who teach, research, and use information
technologies to inform clients ... [and who] share their knowledge with
others," regardless of [their respective] disciplines. 


While its meetings and publications provide opportunities to
communicate, current and emerging online technologies have the potential
of facilitating greater collaboration between and among scholars and
their publics, regardless of location, time, or academic focus.


In this presentation, we will provide an overview of select online
professional and social networks, and describe the features and
functionalities that can foster more dynamic interaction within the
diverse InSITE communities. The presentation will conclude with a
demonstration of a proposed online professional network


A corrected and revised copy of the original PPT as well as a longer
Director's Cut is available from 


[  ]


as well as the fulltext of The Most Excellent Conference Papers and the
Informing Science Institute homepage (that including open access to its
journals, learning objects repository, and previous conference
proceedings) !!!


<< I Wish To Publicly Thank!  >>


Eli Cohen, Director and Fellow, Informing Science Institute




Alex Koohang, Dean and Professor, School of Information Technology,
Macon State College, 


For their kind invitation and support to KeyNote at InSite 2009.


BTW: InSITE Online Social Networks are in the process of being
implemented / Stay Tuned For The Announcement By July 1st [:-)]






Gerry McKiernan

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