Hello fellow IT community:

I am going back to my little cron question and expand on it in the hopes 
of implementing something soon. Here is the deal. I have a few files in 
our website (Residential Life) that will need to be updated periodically 
based on some information in our MySQL database. I could write a PHP 
script that does this... but it seems the server doesn't like that 
because of file permissions. On the files I have to set the permissions 
to something like 775 (or anything that allows both user and group to 
write) to the file. I'm thinking this is not safe? or am I wrong?

So to add to that, I want this script to run periodically. From the last 
IT DISCUSS post I did in the past according to cron, I was told I could 
write a script and keep it on zoo and then call the PHP script on the 
web? This would be fine, but would it be as simple as keeping the script 
in a folder above the public_html directory... or is there a separate 
folder for users (in our case, the user is rlweb)?

Just an example of a command I would use would be:

30 11 * * * /usr/bin/wget

Am I thinking of this right? I think I got the syntax right. Then to 
delve even slightly deeper... if I can run a command as such above... 
that solves on issue (of an auto-email I need to send based on 
information in a database) ... the PHP mail script I write based on this 
info can be what is called. However, the above (about writing to a file) 
could be done solely in a perl or python script where the script 
itself... instead of calling a PHP on the web server that writes a 
file... it could rather connect via SFTP as rlweb and write the file 
that way, never having to change the permissions on the file I want to 
write to allow user and group write access.

If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate some feedback.


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